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                                                   Uranus into Pisces 

                               (Scientists and the Siren Voices of Technology) 

On the 10th March 2003 Uranus, planets of the unusual, enters Pisces, sign of the intangible. So what does this murky mix of indistinct concepts mean for all of us? Well it's all rather like trying to work out a Turner painting on a foggy day, not easy.

The usual way of interpreting world events when a major planet like Uranus change sign is to: - (1) Collect all the normal key words associated with the planet and the house it rules. (2) Include the key words for the house its about to enter. (3) Mix in a good dose of mythological morals. (4) Add a dash of oblique insight together with past world deeds for similar events and simmer under a low clebrial brainwave until ready. And voila! Oops! Sorry, forgot the side order of aspects to pull all those wonderful planets together people. 

Being slightly more serious, the chart for this event is as you might expect not exactly straightforward in terms of anything immediately obvious. For me nothing at first jumps out, apart from a 'T' square involving Sun, Pluto, and Saturn together with a Jupiter, Neptune opposition. One has to dig deep to unearth anything significant. But looking at the preceding and succeeding weeks and months brings up a number of significant events. One thing I noted is that in the space of a few days all of the personal planets change sign near that time. So I feel it will have a more dramatic effect on our personal lives than normal, especially with the Sun crossing the elliptic soon after to bring the dawn of a New Year.

There are also major Oppositions, Semi-sextiles and Trines applying and separating near the time. Pluto opposition Saturn and Neptune opposition Jupiter. I know they are not exact on this day and for Neptune a very wide orb (I can almost hear the Virgos and Capricorns tut tuting away) but being major planets their effect is wide, especially so as Jupiter traverses 12 to 22 deg's of Leo. Remember we are dealing with a very abstract situation and it has already begun to take effect. Like blind men with an elephant you have to use intuition more than ever to work out the nature of this beast. 

A person with a Leo ascendant has I understand been linked with loss of children and when Jupiter entered Leo the sorry events of the Soham children began. Saturn in Gemini enhances this aspect, rather like the "school master in the playground". These are not good positions for either planet and the possibility of more to come is I feel a possibility, especially when they are linked together with an applying Sextile. Obviously with Saturn and Jupiter in an aspect and an opposition to each of them, then the opposing planets should also be in aspect. I therefore feel we have a "mystical rectangle" involving Pluto and Neptune on the opposing corners all tied together with Trines. (Before the Virgos and Capricorns amongst you start reaching for pen and paper please wait till near the end please). In traditional natal charts this points to talents and gifts to be used. I'm not entirely certain what this could point to in a mundane chart only that something is brewing and will probably come to fruition when Jupiter passes its retrograde point in July. However, I hope I am wrong. With Saturn, Neptune and Pluto interconnected with "easy" aspects and "expanded" by a Jupiter in naive Leo, it makes even my Aquarian blood run cold with the possibilities. 

Israel has been in the news for a long time and little wonder with Uranus opposing its Mars and square to its Sun. During the Gulf War Israel used technically smart 'Patriot' missiles to defend itself from Hussein's Scud missiles. The 'Patriot' was a more physiologically successful than practical weapon. The few Scuds intercepted helped to give the impression that Hussein had been thwarted. Are we due a repeat performance?  Possibly, I'm keeping a close eye on the asteroid Ceres, who's discovery date is the same as the 1801, U.K. chart. It is about to go into Taurus in a Trine with Mars and Sextile to Uranus. I associate asteroids with man-made disasters, especially when paired up with major planets. Events I feel could go either way, but if they do, then they may well be quick, vicious and merciless. This is given a further intense, emotionally cold twist with Mars, contraparallel the Moon in conjunction with Saturn. Just to emphasise the point, 10th March 2002 was the day Bush asked Tony to borrow some troops ("Don't worry Tony. It'll be over by Christmas").

Venus "the man eater" and "guardian of the tombs" stands shoulder to shoulder with Neptune in Aquarius and egged on by Jupiter in opposition, Neptune might be tempted to dip into the retirement funds to finance some techno hanky panky. How else are we to finance a war?

For influences that have a more world effect we have to look at the outer planets and the aspects between them. Neptune the deceiver is about to entertain his guest, Uranus in Neptune's own house of Pisces. Is this going to be the dawn of a technological dream world, or are we just going to kid ourselves with smoke and mirrors? 

For those of you that have been studying the trends of the outer planets over the past few decades, you will know that Pluto and Neptune have been in almost constant Sextile and Septile aspects. This is due to Pluto, protector of wealth and death (you can't avoid death and taxes) coming inside the orbit of Neptune and keeping pace with each other. These aspects have been there since Pluto's discovery and will remain for long after most of us here are gone, sorry money is going to rule our lives for a long time to come. However, Pluto is back in place as the outermost planet, the solar system and Neptune can once again start to tidy up planet Earth. Pluto's past position (worship of money) has been beneficial to America but all that may now change and the secret financial scandals like Enron are slowly unravelling.

For the moment Pluto and Neptune are in a particularly tight Septile. However, if you don't consider minor aspects it could be considered a wide Sextile. Uranus is also moving up to form a Quintile with Pluto at the same time. Usually these aspects (Septile and Quintile) can and usually are ignored but with these particular planets being involved they need to be looked at carefully. I consider these minor aspects to be both secretive and powerful. The Quintile is associated with the number five and hidden talents, or more Pluto like, hidden agendas, dark sexuality and secret societies. The Septile is more difficult to pin down, it is associated with the number seven and sevens can be what you want them to be. They can bring despair and a backward or forward, but indecisive muddled present thinking. Sometimes associated with extreme cults we might see the first Internet religious leader (You want to be saved? Then give us your credit card). With an aspect between Uranus to Pluto and Neptune to Pluto, logic says that an aspect must exist between Neptune and Uranus. True. But it all depends if you're a follower of "harmonics" (a word I hate) and some say a Vigintile is a non-aspect. I'm not so sure. Are dark and devious financial forces at work here? I think so.

Quietly nestling in between Pluto and Neptune is Chiron, not in any particularly auspicious aspect to anything. However, it is exactly on the Pluto/Neptune mid-point and semi-square to Uranus. I wonder if the unseen pain and "two-facenes" of this asteroid/comet has a part to play in all this hype and mayhem. I was going to add in the fact that Juno in Scorpio is involved, but I think the interpretation is bad enough as it is. My own off the wall thought is that the Internet, children, teaching, loss and money is involved. Maybe "little Johnny" on his home computer will bring down the entire world monetary system via the Internet. Or Internet child pornography is set to increase or go underground. We might have to dig deep into our resolve and ride out a crisis but it will be good for the soul. Believe me, you will feel so much better when were all poor. 

So are we all going to add just a little too much cooking sherry (or "exotic spices") to our microwave dinners? Live in an undersea city or permanent cruise liner? Are we going to don our brainwave feedback relaxation helmets and take a holiday on Mars (visions of Total Recall or Westworld)? Are we going to have a cyberspace female religious leader? With Venus, Neptune and Jupiter involved will we see a new type of venereal disease? Or are we going to buy that must have techno toy on the Internet with our 0% interest (for now) credit card. Who knows, Uranus is looking into the reflective pool and may just end up hypnotising himself as Neptune stands in the shadows to pick our pockets. My advice! Keep your cash under the bed, don't believe anything on the Internet or TV and get a book on how to go freelance. But then I do have Pluto in the first, it's going to be wonderful. See you after the war.

As an Aquarian I can't finish on a low. So standing on my Jupiter in the ninth soapbox I do sense a glimmer of hope. Uranus appears as a pale blue 7th magnitude star and sits on the threshold of our visual limits between dark and light. Uranus more than any other planet can turn a negative into a positive. And this event reminded me of a classic Queen album that was written during Freddie Mercury's dying years. Here we have "cool reflection" and whilst being treated in hospital "cold affection" (truly Uranus in Pisces) it might be very difficult, but as the song underlines, maybe, just maybe "this could be heaven for everyone".

                                                            URANUS, REVISITED

Five years on and it's time to take stock of what I said back then.

The whole sad sorry mess of an invasion that people all over the world believed was the right thing to do has turned into a nightmare for the people of Iraq. Leaving some to believe it would have been better to have left things as they were. Others believe it was something that needed to have been done, to remove Saddam Hussein. It all depends just how much the individual has suffered before or after the event.

Some belived that it would never happen, but it did and as I said back then.
"Events I feel could go either way, but if they do, then they may well be quick, vicious and merciless. This is given a further intense, emotionally cold twist with Mars, contraparallel the Moon in conjunction with Saturn. Just to emphasise the point, 10th March 2002 was the day Bush asked Tony to borrow some troops ("Don't worry Tony. It'll be over by Christmas")."

Unfortunatly it was not over by Christmas or even the christmas of 2008 let us hope it will be over by 2009.